Innovation And Technology is the Heart Of the Imlis Ceramica

We transform innovative ideas together with Innovative technologies into practical reality. Our production plant has the most advanced technology like HLT PH7800, Automatic Polishing machine with Nano facility control From KEDA and 220 mtr DLT kiln, to achieve the highest quality standards ever seen in the production of porcelain slab Tiles in India.

Our production plant, combined with a high level of know-how, means flexible and efficient production and ensures high-quality products and services to the client.

machinery slab tile kiln

Industry Benchmarking With The Best World-class Laboratory

We have a world-class in-house laboratory with latest technology equipment and highly qualified team of technicians, engineers, architects to offers various physical, chemical, environmental and dimensional tests for the assessment of the quality and uniformity of ceramic tiles.

Our products combine the excellent technical standards of porcelain tiles in accordance with ISO / EN & ANSI standards with extremely sought-after aesthetic characteristics, for results that meet even the most demanding expectations.

The Whole Imlis Ceramica Experience In A Showroom.

The concept that inspires the imlis ceramica showrooms reflects the company’s values and highlights its product range, from 600×1200 mm gvt tiles to 800x1600mm big slabs together

Across an indoor space of 18,000 square feet, An experience designed to illustrate the brand’s identity simply and authentically, allowing the products to express the Landmark values.

Imlis Ceramica showroom to demonstrate the versatility and technical quality of the all collections of Porcelain slabs and GVT Tiles.

The Line Between Disorder And Order Lies In Storage & Logistics

We have a large storage area with the latest product maintenance system to overcome the gap between production and consumption.

We use our technical equipment for loading and packaging to deliver products safely to the customers.This enables us to provide the best products to our customers on time.

Reliability, precision and service: these are the essential requisites of Gruppo Nueva logistic services, with punctuality and with quality, products across globe